Dec 312023

    Yesterday my friends Steve and Jessica came over to help build a rack for some of my many tanks not yet in use.  They worked their butts off for some pizza.

We were able to construct a 16 foot section that holds 14 30-gallon and 20-Gallon High tanks.  I expect to add another level to it that will add another 10 10-gallon tanks.  I also added a section for my 2 /12 gallon tanks that holds 16 more tanks for raising fry.  Forty-four tanks ain’t bad.

    The next step will be to add a rack with 3 levels again.  It should hold 8 more 20H tanks and a bunch of 5-gallon … roughly adding ten 5s for an additional 18 tanks.  I will probably pause the construction there for awhile, but I have plenty of room to add more stands … I know insanity!  It will mean I am running about 80 tanks before more construction and does not count the 1-gallon fry tanks at all.  


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