May 142021

APRIL 14, 2021

A new species of Nothobranchius has been described as a close relative of N. eggersi.  



Nothobranchius nikiforovi, a new species of seasonal killifish from the lower Matandu drainage in south-eastern coastal Tanzania (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae) – BÉLA NAGY, BRIAN R. WATTERS, ALEXANDRA A. RASPOPOVA  zootaxa.4950.1.5

   Nothobranchius nikiforovi, a new species known from seasonal habitats in the lower Matandu drainage in south-eastern coastal Tanzania is described. It is distinguished from all other congeners, except N. eggersi, by males presenting two colour phenotypes: the blue phenotype having a bright iridescent light blue to blue-green body, with narrow red-brown scale margins creating irregular reticulated pattern, forming chevron-shaped crossbars on the posteroventral portion of body and light blue median fins with red-brown dotted pattern; the red phenotype has a dark red head, light blue dorsal and anal fins proximally and medially, dark red distally, with dark red stripes parallel to the fin rays, and a plain dark red caudal fin. Nothobranchius nikiforovi differs from N. eggersi by male colour pattern, the blue phenotypes having median fins with dark grey distal portion, some of the rays of dorsal and anal fins with white tips (vs. median fins with distinct slender white distal band), and the caudal fin lacking a spotted pattern (vs. dots arranged into irregular curved stripes); the red phenotype with golden stripe between the nape and dorsal-fin origin (vs. light-blue stripe), the dorsal and anal fins with a plain red distal portion and lacking a light distal band (vs. with distinct narrow white distal band), the pelvic fin lacking a distal band (vs. with distinct slender light blue to white distal band), and some morphometric differences. Phylogenetic analyses also support the genetic distinction of the new species from its closest known relative, N. eggersi, and confirm its position in the N. guentheri species group within the Adiniops subgenus.

May 142021

I am running a little behind in my ongoing news research, but I came across this new Rivulus description today.

Anablepsoides origuelai, a new species of the Anablepsoides ornatus species group (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) from Rio Tapajós drainage, Amazon basin, Brazil –  Dalton Tavares Bressane Nielsen and Renato Pastor Veiga – aqua 27 (1) pp. 5-10 


Photo is from the original paper in Aqua 27 (1) March 2021Anablepsoides origuelai, new species, is described from the Rio Tapajós drainage, near at its mouth at the Amazon River, Brazil. It was found in lentic portions of a tributary of rio Tapajós. The new species is a member of the Anablepsoides ornatus species group, which includes another five species, all occurring in the central portion of the Amazon basin. The new species differs from the other species of the Anablepsoides ornatus species group by presenting a similar orange color pattern in the dorsal and ventral portions of the caudal fin, less rays in the caudal fin and a lower number of vertebrae. The new species seems to be more closely related to A. ornatus, with which it shares a pattern of red dots distributed irregularly across the sides of the body.

May 102021

MAY 10, 2021

   It took a while, but today I was able to activate the Aphyosemion database.  To be specific, I have all of the groups we recognize under Aphyosemion and listings of all the species in each group with links to their pages.  What I do not yet have is the pages complete.  I need to add data and photographs to each.  Still, you can at least get an idea of how the website will look soon.

May 092021

Hi all.  With Facebook taking down pretty much whatever PETA (my opinion) wants for various spurious reasons, I have decided to provide an alternate open discussion place where we can gather to talk about anything we want, sell killifish, and essentially have a place we cannot be bothered.

I have initiated the KILLIFISH COMMUNITY BISTRO on Discord – a chat room program that is free and very easy to use.  Over the next few days, I hope to integrate into KillieNutz Online so you will at least two options to gather in a single place.  Right now, just download ‘Discord’ and then search for “Killifish Community Bistro” –  We have two rooms right now – one for open chat discussions and the second for those who want to sell or buy fish and equipment.  Please enjoy.


May 042021

APRIL 9, 2021

   Completed the Rivulus Complex database with the latest information I can obtain.  Links to pages for every known species of ‘Rivulus’ are active, but I am working on populating those pages with hobbyist and taxonomic information and pictures.

APRIL 7, 2021

   I have been adding the base Genus Levels to the KillieNutz Species Database and am essentially on track to begin adding more specific information on Sub-Genus and specific species  If you look at Nothobranchius guentheri, you wee see an early concept with minimal information as an example.  I only have about 1,000 additions to include in the database.

APRIL 5, 2021

   Added the KillieNutz Chat Lounge to create a community chat space while the Facebook feeds appear to be deleted.

APRIL 4, 2021

   I have been working on a number of sections today.  I created the KillieNutz Species Database and have initiated all of the group/Species areas.   The next step on that will be to add information about each one on its own page (already active). Following that, I hope to start adding each species along with both hobbyist information and taxonomic data.  I will rely on several sources for that information.  I intend to use any photos I can obtain to illustrate each species.  Feel free to donate.

In the background of the website, I am trying to make navigation as simple and understandable as possible.  I am modifying font sizes and types to allow for more browser sizes to adapt and see.  I am trying to add some graphics to enhance each area of the site, but not overload it.

So much for today’s efforts.

May 022021

Those who follow me on Facebook know of my recent travails so I will not go into everything here.  What I want to do instead is let you know some of the thoughts and decisions I have come to as I lie in that damned hospital bed for 18 days.

Since I am limited for a little more time, I am going to focus my time on working on the KillieNutz online website and try to bring it up to date.  I want to make it into the best website possible and one most hobbyists use on a regular basis for a number of reasons. As most of my friends know, I am an annual fan, both African as well as South American, but the truth is, I like all killies and some other fish too.  So you can expect me to start with annuals as I build the database.

Secondarily, I need to fix my fish room again.  I have a few killies and goodeids there currently, but I want to get back to a serious breeding program of a number of fish.  That will take some time with all my leg issues, but I am going to do it.  There was a time where I was not a bad killie hobbyist.  I miss those days.

Now the weather is getting decent, I am sure I will be headed to Aquabid soon as I am able to use the stairs as well as asking people what they might have available to buy.  But I intend to take that slowly and teach my wife or someone how to take care of the fish when I am down.  Getting older is not fun.

I don’t know when I will be able to collect killies again. With the open ulceration on my leg and no idea when it will be resolved, I certainly can’t go into the water for fear of all sorts of little critters.

Anyway, just to close out this bit of news, I will be working on getting the website running decently, holding Tuesday ZOOM meetings and doing whatever else I can.

Dec 232020

Last night, like every Tuesday night, members of UNYKA got together on ZOOM and had a great discussion about collecting natives, fish room work and a few other items.  It was a small meeting compared to most with only four of use in attendance, but we still had a great time.  Since the COVID pandemic, it has become our primary way of contact as a group.  We do welcome fish hobbyists from outside the club and you can always find the link listed on . We start at 7:00PM, but the link is usually active around 6:30PM.

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Nov 272020

11/27/2020 – Just a reminder that UNYKA has planned a ZOOM meeting for Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 7:00PM. I will send out the info on connecting on the mail list. If anyone outside of UNYKA wished to join, contact me at .

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Nov 182020

Nov. 18, 2020 – I am thrilled to be the speaker tonight at the Central New York Aquarium Society (CNYAS)  in Syracuse, NY.  Much as I would enjoy spending the evening with my friends there, unfortunately this has to be a ZOOM presentation.  Of course I am more than happy to do whatever I can to support the club.

   I will be talking about South American Annuals.  I have long been a fan of these beautiful killifish and I am now in the process of converting about half of my fish room to SA annuals – actually a much under-represented group of killies in the U.S. hobby.  These killies are absolutely beautiful and extremely variable in both behavior and appearance.

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Nov 072020

After some consideration, I have decided to try something new.

   Within the next couple of days, I intend to link all interesting news that comes my way via the web including Facebook posts, pictures and other website information.  In other words, I want to make Killienutz Online a central place to find out about all the latest about killies.

   While I may use some thumbnails to identify the stories, the link will take you directly to story/pics on their original locations.  I will only create a link title.

   To add to this, I am hoping some of our friends out there will send me the actual stories, collection information and pics. (to

   It is my goal to make Killienutz Online one of the best places to find killifish information available.

Oct 232020

Received a beautiful pair of Fp. amieti, quite large and in breeding condition yesterday.  I’m looking forward to getting them reproducing as soon as reasonable.  Right now feeding them with BBS and a couple frozen foods.

I doubt there is much time left to order any fish before spring and the temps outside rise.  Its expected to hit the 20sF tonight and probably the next couple.  Too bad really.  Hopefully UNYKA can start to look at a face-to-face meeting sometime soon.  We are setting up a ZOOM meeting and Mike Echt is going to show us some pics of his trip with Mike Lucas to South America.  That should be amazing.

In Nov. I will talking (on Zoom I suspect) with the Central New York (Syracuse) Aquarium Society about South American Annuals.  This is one of my favorite topics and at some point soon, I plan to start breeding them again.  Not enough people in the U.S. work with SAA and they are among the most gorgeous of all the killies.  I do have to admit, I tend to personally prefer to play with Rivulus, but those are limited in availability.


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