Dec 312023

    Yesterday my friends Steve and Jessica came over to help build a rack for some of my many tanks not yet in use.  They worked their butts off for some pizza.

We were able to construct a 16 foot section that holds 14 30-gallon and 20-Gallon High tanks.  I expect to add another level to it that will add another 10 10-gallon tanks.  I also added a section for my 2 /12 gallon tanks that holds 16 more tanks for raising fry.  Forty-four tanks ain’t bad.

    The next step will be to add a rack with 3 levels again.  It should hold 8 more 20H tanks and a bunch of 5-gallon … roughly adding ten 5s for an additional 18 tanks.  I will probably pause the construction there for awhile, but I have plenty of room to add more stands … I know insanity!  It will mean I am running about 80 tanks before more construction and does not count the 1-gallon fry tanks at all.  


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Dec 282023

This weekend is a planned construction day to complete most of my fish room.  I need to build a couple of tank racks and install my aeration system to hook up my blower which should easily handle 100+ tanks.  This will require some lengths of 2 inch PVP piping and a way to hang it.  I have a few ideas from past experience to do it the best way instead of the worst.

I will be offering pizza and soda as payment for anyone willing to help.  I do have a few people planned on coming up. 

You can contact me at if you feel like helping.  We plan to start at 11am Saturday Dec. 30th.  

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Nov 222023

    Work on the Species Database is underway.  While there is not much specific information, the focus of the effort is to build the lists of each species group (ie:Nothobranchius, Aphyosemion etc).  Focus as of today is in Nothos.  It will take a little time to create pages for each of the nearly 100 species.

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Oct 152023

 While I do not normally comment on political agendas, I do not believe the Hamas attack on civilians is anything but political.  It is a pure attack of hatred and attempt to create terror.  What Hamas has brought on itself, it has also brought onto the peaceful, but supportive Palestinians.  Never forget Hamas was elected in free democratic elections as the leadership of Gaza.  Sadly, this will bring war to those people.  It saddens me that this must happen, but despite my abhorrence for violence in any way.  Hamas must be eliminated or this will happen again and again. 


As you can see, the website died once again.  I do not know why, but now I have to rebuild it from scratch … this will take a couple weeks most likely, but I will be working on it as much as possible.   Bear with me as I get started.

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