Jun 092021


JUNE 9, 2021 –  Several articles and links to some newly released scientific articles have been added to the Online Library.  Check them out!
JUNE 8, 2021
–  Added pictures and information to ‘My Fishroom‘. 
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Jun 092021


JUNE 9, 2021 –  Several articles and links to some newly released scientific articles have been added to the Online Library.  Check them out!
JUNE 8, 2021
–  Added pictures and information to ‘My Fishroom‘. 
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Jun 052021

  Thanks to a couple of friends, I am now aware of the location of the 2022 AKA National Convention – Louisville, KY.  

   My first thought was – ‘Hey I have never been there!”  My second one was what I understand is going to happen.  As I understand this, it will be a joint convention held in conjunction with ACA and ALA.  WOW!  What a great weekend that could be.  After all, I keep some Goodeids and every now and then think about certain Cichlids … just need to prepare for whatever comes home with me.  But I have plenty of time to get ready.

I mentioned this to my wife and her comment was simply “I have never been there” and the stare told me, she was planning to go with me *laugh*. So much for an “ol’ boys” weekend.  That’s not to say there will not be a few beers tipped back and some relaxed discussions with old and new friends.

I can imagine what types of collecting trips will be available – Natives and Killies.  That’s a good thing so long as I am back to full leg health.

I expect a couple of my UNYKA friends will join me either in the car for the trip, or possibly meet me there – so that makes it so much better.

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Jun 042021

    06/04/2021 – I guess it’s pretty early in the day to start making posts, particularly in my blog section.  But I guess a little excitement about being active in the hobby again makes me a little giddy.

     Yesterday, two young pairs of Epi. singa arrived in great shape and now they are swimming happily in a 10-gallon tank loaded with Vallisneria and some java moss.  Even though I do not expect eggs for a while, there are a few mops floating also.  I know E. singa is not the most beautiful killifish, but I had it many years ago and for some reason, I think my love of less than spectacularly colored killies comes into play. After all, I am a real fan of Rivulus.

On the other hand, I am a Notho addict.  Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum.

Yes, I have now ordered a couple of different species of Nothos.  I expect them in early next week.

I guess this means I am fully invested in getting back to being a regular breeder and active hobbyist.  What’s next – writing articles for Charlie (JAKA editor) or something else like traveling to shows.

    Even though I held out hopes to go to this year’s AKA convention, since I am still hooked up to medical machines, I am going to have to pass up the trip.  From what I hear about next years convention, it may be spectacular – ALA, ACA, and killies all in one place.  I hope it is true.  Now if I could only find out what city.

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Jun 012021

06/03/2021 –  Updated an article on killifish health and diseases. 

Added an article on preparation of Peat Moss for annual breeding.

JUNE 1, 2021 – I have updated Paludopanchax and Gularopanchax in the Fundulopanchax area.  All known species should be included.

Some modifications have begun in the KilliNutz Online Library.  All articles about killifish and the hobby are posted here including scientific related topics (links to original papers etc.)  The primary modification is each article can also be found in the appropriate (genus) areas that relate to the topic.


May 302021

05/30/2021 – I have been playing around a bit with my Facebook page(s).  What I want is a simple Facebook where all of my interests are in one place, so I combined my  Novels page and my killifish page.  I pretty much have used only one for a while, so at least this way anything I do on my websites will be reflected on Facebook.  Perhaps this draws a few more users. 

May 292021

05/29/2021 – I completed adding all Epiplatys species to the database.  Viewers will find information about every species including breeding them, the Original Description as well as type locality and distribution.  I have also added as many population locations as possible.  This is a major upgrade to our database and I hope it will serve you well.  Recently I did the same with Fundulopanchax.  

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May 262021

   Much as I hoped to make this year’s AKA National Convention, it is not going to happen.  Because I have this portable vacuum pump attached to my leg and the need for specialized dressing changes, I am not going much of anywhere.  Yes, I can carry it to a certain degree in a pouch, but I think some shopping at Walmart is the limitation, not a cross-country trip in a car.  In addition, once the healing reaches a certain point, I will be having some plastic surgery to add a skin flap over the wound area.  I simply have no idea when that will happen and it will create another delay in getting around.  I admit I want to be 100% again – but I am disappointed about not going to St. Louis. 

   So I will have to wait until next year, wherever it is held.  I hope to make some shows and auctions as the summer gets into full swing and fall begins the regular show schedules.

 Still, I plan to give a friend some money to purchase or bid on a few fish that he can bring back for me.

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May 192021

   For the first time in a few years, I am considering going to the AKA National Convention in St. Louis.  I still have not made arrangements, but hopefully, I will be able to make the determination in a couple of weeks.  I am fortunate my good friend Mike Lucas has offered me a seat to join him on the ride and there is room in his reservation to fit me in with him and Carlos Peryea.  Obviously, I will share all costs.

    Not to look like I am looking for excuses to not go, but a great deal of my decision lies with my doctors.  If they give me permission, then I am 99% certain I will make the trip.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen several of my friends in the hobby.  I also need to pick up a few pairs of fish.  My fish room is a little empty.  I only have a couple of pairs of killies and one species of goodeid surviving my limitations.  It is not that I want to fill the 200+ tanks in my basement, but I do have space for a few more pairs of fish.  Sometimes sitting in front of my computer writing just gets too boring (yes Charlie – I will get something out for JAKA soon.)

   I am dragging my wife, Phyllis, down to the basement to teach her the real basics of caring for my fish.  It is nice to have a younger wife who is very healthy.  Now just to get her fully indoctrinated in killifish care and feeding.  She has always been helpful when I asked, but now I will need more help.  I admit this ‘damned’ leg stops me from doing 95% of the things I like to do – from collecting fish to playing golf.  But with Phyllis’s help, I should be able to start breeding a few killies and maybe enough to offer to hobbyists out there and certainly within my killie club (UNYKA).  I know most of UNYKA is yanking at the bit to get together again. 

   As I look around, I see the need to get a few live food cultures going – daphnia, white worms, and vinegar eels at a minimum.  I have plenty of Brine Shrimp eggs for now in the freezer.  If I make the trip, I hope to bring home a few pairs, mainly Rivulus types and Nothos.  SA annuals are also on my mind if for no other reason than the current stupidity that is happening now.  I will talk about that some other time.

 Perhaps I will see you there!


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May 142021

APRIL 14, 2021

A new species of Nothobranchius has been described as a close relative of N. eggersi.  



Nothobranchius nikiforovi, a new species of seasonal killifish from the lower Matandu drainage in south-eastern coastal Tanzania (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae) – BÉLA NAGY, BRIAN R. WATTERS, ALEXANDRA A. RASPOPOVA  zootaxa.4950.1.5

   Nothobranchius nikiforovi, a new species known from seasonal habitats in the lower Matandu drainage in south-eastern coastal Tanzania is described. It is distinguished from all other congeners, except N. eggersi, by males presenting two colour phenotypes: the blue phenotype having a bright iridescent light blue to blue-green body, with narrow red-brown scale margins creating irregular reticulated pattern, forming chevron-shaped crossbars on the posteroventral portion of body and light blue median fins with red-brown dotted pattern; the red phenotype has a dark red head, light blue dorsal and anal fins proximally and medially, dark red distally, with dark red stripes parallel to the fin rays, and a plain dark red caudal fin. Nothobranchius nikiforovi differs from N. eggersi by male colour pattern, the blue phenotypes having median fins with dark grey distal portion, some of the rays of dorsal and anal fins with white tips (vs. median fins with distinct slender white distal band), and the caudal fin lacking a spotted pattern (vs. dots arranged into irregular curved stripes); the red phenotype with golden stripe between the nape and dorsal-fin origin (vs. light-blue stripe), the dorsal and anal fins with a plain red distal portion and lacking a light distal band (vs. with distinct narrow white distal band), the pelvic fin lacking a distal band (vs. with distinct slender light blue to white distal band), and some morphometric differences. Phylogenetic analyses also support the genetic distinction of the new species from its closest known relative, N. eggersi, and confirm its position in the N. guentheri species group within the Adiniops subgenus.

May 142021

I am running a little behind in my ongoing news research, but I came across this new Rivulus description today.

Anablepsoides origuelai, a new species of the Anablepsoides ornatus species group (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) from Rio Tapajós drainage, Amazon basin, Brazil –  Dalton Tavares Bressane Nielsen and Renato Pastor Veiga – aqua 27 (1) pp. 5-10 


Photo is from the original paper in Aqua 27 (1) March 2021Anablepsoides origuelai, new species, is described from the Rio Tapajós drainage, near at its mouth at the Amazon River, Brazil. It was found in lentic portions of a tributary of rio Tapajós. The new species is a member of the Anablepsoides ornatus species group, which includes another five species, all occurring in the central portion of the Amazon basin. The new species differs from the other species of the Anablepsoides ornatus species group by presenting a similar orange color pattern in the dorsal and ventral portions of the caudal fin, less rays in the caudal fin and a lower number of vertebrae. The new species seems to be more closely related to A. ornatus, with which it shares a pattern of red dots distributed irregularly across the sides of the body.

May 102021

MAY 10, 2021

   It took a while, but today I was able to activate the Aphyosemion database.  To be specific, I have all of the groups we recognize under Aphyosemion and listings of all the species in each group with links to their pages.  What I do not yet have is the pages complete.  I need to add data and photographs to each.  Still, you can at least get an idea of how the website will look soon.

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