May 072022

   Now that everything is beginning to take shape, I had to make a decision.  As many of you know, I am moving to Florida to what I hope will become my permanent home. This of course means taking down my fishroom again and setting up a new one in the garage of my new house.  In a sense, since I am using a professional moving company … I will not have to work as hard. Thank goodness.  I am in poor enough shape as it is and need a little more work or a new body.  

   I have been considering what I want to do with the garage and various ideas come into my head.  The new garage will be 21×21 square feet.  The current fish area in my basement is 13×10 more or less including sink and .  If split the garage in half I will get a 10x 21 area for the tanks but most likely will need to add a deep sink and counters somewhere as the first step.  Water and a work space is important.  I will be moving counters with me which saves on building a new one. 

I really hate getting rid of my fish again.  I will mostly bring them to the next UNYKA meeting and essentially dumping them on my friends.  The way this move and construction will be, I will have no place for the fish until the new house is ready and that is probably sometime in November.  So once again I get to start all over again.  I am debating even going to the convention in Louisville, simplt because of the huge temptation of species that will occur.  That is truly a sad concept. I really want to go.  I probably will end up there anyway.  There has never been a show like this one.

Thie moving sucks, but living in isolartion sucks more … the nearest pet shop is 40 miles away and it is a Pet Smart.  otherwise I rive 150 miles to Albany.

Oh well, whining does not get me any closer to packing things.   

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Dec 032021

It is taking longer than I originally expected to construct my fish room in the new house, but I attribute that to getting older.  Back in the day (17 years ago), building a few stands and areas to work with my fish did not take all that long, but now it seems to take a day to complete a single section.  I suppose my style has to be taken into account also.  I used to use only 2x4s, but now I have devised a system of using 2x8s and 2x10s which give me a little more space between levels for my tanks.

The area of the basement I am using is the area where you can see the window.  It is actually a 12 wide x 10 long section which I will extend to about 12 x 12 overall, maybe a touch longer.  I initially hoped hope to place around 100 tanks in this area.  My estimates change by the day as I think of different configurations and what sizes of tanks I want to go where.  I have nearly 200 tanks of various sizes from 2-1/2 to 30 gallons.

After cleaning out this area, I installed the first stand with a mix of tanks ranging from 5- to 20-gallon long tanks. As you can see, I am doing things differently than in the past.

As of today, it looks like I will have 100 tanks varying in size from 5-gallon to 20 Gallon Highs. That does not take into account the 2-1/2 gallon fry tanks, the 30-gallon Rubbermaid grow-out bins, or the separated 30-gallon tanks in the basement (2 atm).  Nor does it reference the 90-gallon and 100-gallon tanks in the living room and min-office. 



… to be continued.

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Dec 012021

My reservations are made, my hotel room set, and plans are in the works for the trip to and from the extravaganza in Louisville.  This is going to be a huge trip and I hope I will have enough money to cover everything planned. I know I have to get all my stands built in the fish room and the tanks set up and ready for fish.  I expect to bring back more fish than I should – some from each of the groups co-hosting the convention as well as anything we might pick up during the travels.  I am glad I have a decent-sized SUV.   Probably just bring a few changes of clothing and a number of styros and coolers.  We will just have to figure out the space available.

I did not order any of the side trips but I might add Russ Wessels fishroom trip.  I have to decide real soon if Mike and I will take a table for the sales/swap meeting.  Just another one of those things that have to be decided.

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Nov 202021

   I will be heading out around noon today to bring a few fish and some other things to the UNYKA Fish Swap being held in Schenectady, NY tomorrow.  I will be joining a few other members and staying at a Quality Inn near the swap site.  You can find the swap meet full info on the UNYKA Facebook page.

   I do not have a lot to offer this year, but as the year progresses I should be able to do more for shows and conventions.  I am taking a pair of Epi. singa and a pair of Fp. gardneri Innidere with me and most likely some Xen. eiseni and a new mollie color variation I came across recently.   Also some giant Vallisneria.  I am not sure what I might like to pick up, but I suspect I will come home with more than I left with.  I finally have the room *laugh*. 

   The best part of these shows, swaps … whatever … is the chance to socialize with my friends in the hobby.  At least a few of us plan to get together for dinner and probably some drinks back at the hotel. 

   Maybe I’ll see you there. 

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Oct 312021

Welcome back to KillieNutz Online.  

   I am rebuilding the website from scratch due to my past 6-8 months of health and serious time constraints.  I intend to refocus my of my efforts in a number of areas including the Listing of Killifish and the KillieNutz News.  Hopefully, these will be something of value to the hobby.

   As visitors can see, the rebuild has just started.  A large part of the work involves creating menus for navigation. To the left, you can see the beginning of the species listings.  This will grow considerably when I am not in my fish room building stands and essentially starting from scratch there also. 

   While killifish are my main focus, as I have gotten older, I have found myself being intrigued by numerous other fish at this point in my life.  I will probably have sections for those I work with.  Currently, I do keep some livebearers (X. eiseni, which I like and I am going to add some Skiffia francesae to my room and probably others.   I also have a 90-gal tank which I am considering making into a reef tank – mainly living rock and corals with a few fish.  There is also a 100-gal tank I will be keeping some native species.  So I guess my addiction has expanded just a bit. 

Of course, I will set up a page here to show my progress in building a fish room from scratch, and maybe some new (or old) hobbyists will get some ideas from what I do. 

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