Update on Status of 'Pecos' Pupfish

Update on Status of ‘Pecos’ Pupfish

  In an article published in the latest issue of Copeia – a magazine published on BioOne Online Journals, Michael L. Collyer, Megan E. Hall, Melissa D. Smith, and Christopher W. Hoagstrom have discussed the current condition of Cyprinodon pecoensis.  The authors noted the introduction of Cyp. variegatus into the habitat in the 1980s hybridized and eliminated […]

Costa Describes New Melanorivulus

Costa Describes New Melanorivulus

Dr. Wilson J.E.M. Costa has described a new Melanorivulus species from the Lower Xingu River drainage in the Amazon Basin.  Melanorivulus rubroreticulatus is only found at the type location and is part of the M. zygonectes group. It is considered the southern-most member of the group. Another species of Melanorivulus is found in the same […]

New Location Found For Endangered Killie

   A website has been set up discussing Profundulus oaxacae with the intention of supporting this rare species. Along with considerable information on this species, there is also reference to a possible unknown species of a killifish. According to the article, there are only two localities where this species can be found and one is in […]

New Study Posted On Diapause

New Study Posted On Diapause

  In the latest issue of  The Journal of Experimental Biology, Jason E. Podrabsky,* and Steven C. Hand have released a study about diapause that  compared brine shrimp and Austrolebias limnaeus. Their conclusions are quite interesting.   The PDF is open to the public and can be found here.

Good Luck Michigan

 I want to wish the Michigan Killifish Association all the best this weekend as they host the American Killifish Association’s annual convention. I wish I could be there. It will be the first convention I have missed in more than 10 years.

North East Weekend Announced

North East Weekend Announced

Upstate New York Killifish Association has scheduled North East Weekend (NEW) for Sept. 18th-20th, 2015.

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  • I Finally Broke Down

       After who knows how many years of avoiding the reality of my photography skills, […]

  • Rebuilding a Fishroom

    The past week has been interesting. I am now spending a couple hours a day in my empty fish room in the cellar getting it ready for restocking. With my heart attacks and subsequent surgery, there was nothing left alive down there and to be honest it had been pretty well neglected since last autumn for a variety of reasons. I have maintained my tanks that are in my living room and have a nice (30-Gal) colony of Riv. frommi as well as a mixed community ( 90-gal) tank of livebearers, plecos, loaches and a few oddballs. But that’s it. So now it is literally time to start over from scratch.