Dec 032021

It is taking longer than I originally expected to construct my fish room in the new house, but I attribute that to getting older.  Back in the day (17 years ago), building a few stands and areas to work with my fish did not take all that long, but now it seems to take a day to complete a single section.  I suppose my style has to be taken into account also.  I used to use only 2x4s, but now I have devised a system of using 2x8s and 2x10s which give me a little more space between levels for my tanks.

The area of the basement I am using is the area where you can see the window.  It is actually a 12 wide x 10 long section which I will extend to about 12 x 12 overall, maybe a touch longer.  I initially hoped hope to place around 100 tanks in this area.  My estimates change by the day as I think of different configurations and what sizes of tanks I want to go where.  I have nearly 200 tanks of various sizes from 2-1/2 to 30 gallons.

After cleaning out this area, I installed the first stand with a mix of tanks ranging from 5- to 20-gallon long tanks. As you can see, I am doing things differently than in the past.

As of today, it looks like I will have 100 tanks varying in size from 5-gallon to 20 Gallon Highs. That does not take into account the 2-1/2 gallon fry tanks, the 30-gallon Rubbermaid grow-out bins, or the separated 30-gallon tanks in the basement (2 atm).  Nor does it reference the 90-gallon and 100-gallon tanks in the living room and min-office. 



… to be continued.

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