Dec 012021

My reservations are made, my hotel room set, and plans are in the works for the trip to and from the extravaganza in Louisville.  This is going to be a huge trip and I hope I will have enough money to cover everything planned. I know I have to get all my stands built in the fish room and the tanks set up and ready for fish.  I expect to bring back more fish than I should – some from each of the groups co-hosting the convention as well as anything we might pick up during the travels.  I am glad I have a decent-sized SUV.   Probably just bring a few changes of clothing and a number of styros and coolers.  We will just have to figure out the space available.

I did not order any of the side trips but I might add Russ Wessels fishroom trip.  I have to decide real soon if Mike and I will take a table for the sales/swap meeting.  Just another one of those things that have to be decided.

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