Dec 032021

It is taking longer than I originally expected to construct my fish room in the new house, but I attribute that to getting older.  Back in the day (17 years ago), building a few stands and areas to work with my fish did not take all that long, but now it seems to take a day to complete a single section.  I suppose my style has to be taken into account also.  I used to use only 2x4s, but now I have devised a system of using 2x8s and 2x10s which give me a little more space between levels for my tanks.

The area of the basement I am using is the area where you can see the window.  It is actually a 12 wide x 10 long section which I will extend to about 12 x 12 overall, maybe a touch longer.  I initially hoped hope to place around 100 tanks in this area.  My estimates change by the day as I think of different configurations and what sizes of tanks I want to go where.  I have nearly 200 tanks of various sizes from 2-1/2 to 30 gallons.

After cleaning out this area, I installed the first stand with a mix of tanks ranging from 5- to 20-gallon long tanks. As you can see, I am doing things differently than in the past.

As of today, it looks like I will have 100 tanks varying in size from 5-gallon to 20 Gallon Highs. That does not take into account the 2-1/2 gallon fry tanks, the 30-gallon Rubbermaid grow-out bins, or the separated 30-gallon tanks in the basement (2 atm).  Nor does it reference the 90-gallon and 100-gallon tanks in the living room and min-office. 



… to be continued.

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Dec 012021

My reservations are made, my hotel room set, and plans are in the works for the trip to and from the extravaganza in Louisville.  This is going to be a huge trip and I hope I will have enough money to cover everything planned. I know I have to get all my stands built in the fish room and the tanks set up and ready for fish.  I expect to bring back more fish than I should – some from each of the groups co-hosting the convention as well as anything we might pick up during the travels.  I am glad I have a decent-sized SUV.   Probably just bring a few changes of clothing and a number of styros and coolers.  We will just have to figure out the space available.

I did not order any of the side trips but I might add Russ Wessels fishroom trip.  I have to decide real soon if Mike and I will take a table for the sales/swap meeting.  Just another one of those things that have to be decided.

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