Oct 312021

Welcome back to KillieNutz Online.  

   I am rebuilding the website from scratch due to my past 6-8 months of health and serious time constraints.  I intend to refocus my of my efforts in a number of areas including the Listing of Killifish and the KillieNutz News.  Hopefully, these will be something of value to the hobby.

   As visitors can see, the rebuild has just started.  A large part of the work involves creating menus for navigation. To the left, you can see the beginning of the species listings.  This will grow considerably when I am not in my fish room building stands and essentially starting from scratch there also. 

   While killifish are my main focus, as I have gotten older, I have found myself being intrigued by numerous other fish at this point in my life.  I will probably have sections for those I work with.  Currently, I do keep some livebearers (X. eiseni, which I like and I am going to add some Skiffia francesae to my room and probably others.   I also have a 90-gal tank which I am considering making into a reef tank – mainly living rock and corals with a few fish.  There is also a 100-gal tank I will be keeping some native species.  So I guess my addiction has expanded just a bit. 

Of course, I will set up a page here to show my progress in building a fish room from scratch, and maybe some new (or old) hobbyists will get some ideas from what I do. 

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