Oct 202020

While some of my friends would probably hope it means I am working on my character flaws, I really mean I am making modifications to KillieNutz Online.

   My goal is to make the system more streamline as well as easier to use.  I created a ton of pages over the years and most are still viable, but I want to make them easier to use for those who need information, both hobbyist as well as scientific.  On top of that I want to get back to the original goal of providing a current news and information site for our favorite killies.  At one time in the past KNO was the #1 place to go for killifish news.  I would like to get back to that.

   As for my blog section, I will talk about pretty much anything … from different fish I keep to goodness only knows what is bothering/exciting me that day.  The blog will have its own section and you will be able to see headlines on thee ‘front page’ that link to the opinions I express.

   I am also in the process of adding all the new species that have been described and/or collected as fast as possible.  I intend to contact some of the photographers around the world to gain permission to use their pictures on KNO.  Hopefully they will be open to the concept.  I also hope to get collectors to send my updates on their latest travels and successes.

  Bear with me as I get all this up and running the way it should.  

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