Feb 282019

FEB. 28, 2019 – For some reason, I decided to take a look at KillieNutz today and see what I needed to do.  Obviously a lot.  I have been slacking off and I know it.  It has always been my hope to provide the best possible killifish website possible, but sometimes I just seem to drift off in other directions.  While I still have my fish room, it is not overly active – yes I have fish, but am not actively breeding them.  I hope this will change this Winter and Spring.  I am planning on going to a few shows this year including the AKA National, probably NEC and the Killie Klash.  Be nice to bring back a few pairs to add to what I have right now.

Anyway …

At this time, my plans are to reorganize the current design of the “Species Database” and bring everything up to date.  I need to make this area easy to navigate and provide as much information as I can for each section and ultimately each species.  Reality of this is simple.  It will take time and serious effort.  One of my weaknesses is a limitation of photographs.  If you wish to provide some sics, please feel free.  I will give complete credit to the photographer.

Hopefully, between the website and my future books, I will be able to obtain a serious library for your use.

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