Oct 162020

10/16/2020 – I have spent some time this week getting my fish room back up and running.  I don’t plan on anything large, but unfortunately for me, despite my reservations, the room does have over 100 tanks in it.  My goal is to not overdue it, but goodness only knows how I get when I have the opportunity to buy some fish.

Right now all I have is a young pair of Fp. gardeneri Innidere and a colony of Xenotaca eiseni, but I do plan to hit Aquabid one last time today and see what I can get.

My health is doing well for the most part.  The biggest problem I have right now is the continuing pain in my lower legs (probably cardiac insufficiency).  Its just something I have to deal with – no one seems to have any answers.  I am looking at buying a ‘Zinger’ collapsible electric chair to be able to get around a little better when traveling (or going to shows).  I can walk fine over short distances (around the house type stuff), but I need to use a scooter in places like Walmart.  A bit embarrassing for me, at least to myself) since I used to think myself an athlete of some sort. Killed playing golf big time.

I have been in contact with members of UNYKA and we are in the process of setting up a Zoom meeting.  It has been too long since our last get-together of any sort.  Hopefully, either a vaccine comes out soon or, like so many others, we decide to try a face mask/social distancing meeting of some sort.  I know others seem to be somewhat successful with those meetings.  Its going on a year since our last meeting of any sort (Nov 2019).

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