Oct 192020

 I recently was asked to do a program on Live Foods for the Danbury Aquarium Society.  Originally we (my wife and I) planned to travel to Danbury, but unfortunately COVID put a kibosh on the trip.  Instead we tried to do a ZOOM meeting. 

   It went wonderfully!  I was able to attach my   Power Point program to ZOOM and do the same program I would have done live.  I was really impressed with how many DAS members showed up in the ZOOM room and how smoothly it all went.  Several members had really great questions and I hope I was able to answer them to everyone’s satisfaction.  Hopefully someday down the line I will be able to give a program in person to these great hobbyists.

   I want to thank in particular Barb Romeo and Joe Masi for their help in setting this up and Joe’s knowledge of ZOOM.  Thanks to them I now have a decent working knowledge of the ZOOM program and how to use it both as a host as well as a client. 

   The Central New York Aquarium Society has approached me to do a program for them.  We are still working out the details.  I suspect it will be another ZOOM show, but that’s fine.  Perhaps Gov. Cuomo will relax the rules a little in time for me to attend the meeting instead of it being a ZOOM show.  Either way, I look forward to returning to CNYAS where I have given a few presentations.  I always enjoy the group there.  

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