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Currently, KillieNutz Online is staffed by  single person.  The website is seeking other individuals to assist in the overall operation and maintenance of KillieNutz Online.  If you are interested in contributing, contact Tom Grady at killienutz@killienutz.com .


    Tom has been a killifish hobbyist since the early 1970s, but his interest was initially sparked in the early 1960s when he ordered a ‘Lyretail’ from the now defeunct Aquarium Stock Company (Aquastock) in NYC and it was replaced with a characin because it was out of stock.  Hi parents bought him William T. Innes’ “Exotic Aquarium Fishes” where he was fascinated by a picture of Aphyosemion skoestedti (later identified as “Roloffia occidentalis”). He sought that fish for years and finally in the early 1970s found the American Killifish Association and was able to purchase the afforementioned fish – which later was revealed as the Blue Gularis.  Quite a rocky start!

  In 1975 he went to his first AKA National Convention and became enraptured with Killifish.  Since that time he has kept killies (with a couple short breaks) and today maintains a fish room with over 100 tanks.

   Tom is the author of “The Encyclopedia of Killifish” and is working on Vol. 2 of the hobbyist-oriented series.

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