May 072022

   Now that everything is beginning to take shape, I had to make a decision.  As many of you know, I am moving to Florida to what I hope will become my permanent home. This of course means taking down my fishroom again and setting up a new one in the garage of my new house.  In a sense, since I am using a professional moving company … I will not have to work as hard. Thank goodness.  I am in poor enough shape as it is and need a little more work or a new body.  

   I have been considering what I want to do with the garage and various ideas come into my head.  The new garage will be 21×21 square feet.  The current fish area in my basement is 13×10 more or less including sink and .  If split the garage in half I will get a 10x 21 area for the tanks but most likely will need to add a deep sink and counters somewhere as the first step.  Water and a work space is important.  I will be moving counters with me which saves on building a new one. 

I really hate getting rid of my fish again.  I will mostly bring them to the next UNYKA meeting and essentially dumping them on my friends.  The way this move and construction will be, I will have no place for the fish until the new house is ready and that is probably sometime in November.  So once again I get to start all over again.  I am debating even going to the convention in Louisville, simplt because of the huge temptation of species that will occur.  That is truly a sad concept. I really want to go.  I probably will end up there anyway.  There has never been a show like this one.

Thie moving sucks, but living in isolartion sucks more … the nearest pet shop is 40 miles away and it is a Pet Smart.  otherwise I rive 150 miles to Albany.

Oh well, whining does not get me any closer to packing things.   

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