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Cualac Miller, 1956.

Miller, R. R. 1956. A new genus and species of cyprinodontid fish from San Luis Potosí, Mexico, with remarks on the subfamily Cyprinodontinae. Occasional Papers of the Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan (581): 17 pp., 2 figs., 2 plates, table. [description: pp. 1-3]

Type species: Cualac tessellatus Miller, 1956, by original designation, monotypic.

Cualac Miller, 1956: Collette, 1977; Parenti, 1981; Echelle & Echelle, 1993b; Echelle, Echelle, Contreras, & Lozano, 1995; Parker & Kornfield, 1995; Costa, 1997; Parker, 1997.

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