June 5, 2021 –  While my fish room is not completely activated again, I am getting there.  This is how it was a few years ago.  I expect to be fully up and running about 50 tanks in the next couple of weeks. – T.R. Grady photographs.

My daphnia ponds … rubbermaid.  And below are some of my white worm cultures and the old but reliable refrigerator I use for frozen foods and other cold essentials..



     While I have over 200 tanks in my cellar, currently I am working my way back to around 50 tanks of fish.

Tanks sizes range from 1-gallon to 30-gallon in the fish room and I have a 90-gallon, 30-gallon and 100-gallon in my upstairs, all of which  need to be filled with water and fish.  The 100-gal is in our ‘garden’ room which has considerable afternoon sun and I am thinking this could be a local native tank.  It would be on our local day and night schedule and that would be good for local natives.  The 90-gal is in our TV/Living Room and I bounce around on what I want to to with it from Salt to other native fish.

      I don’t know where I am headed in the long run since my interests have changed.  Where at one time I was exclusively killifish, now I am interested in Livebearers and Native Fish.  I hope to do some collecting locally this year and down the road to travel with a good friend of mine who is very much into natives and collecting.

    I have a few things I absolutely need to do.  One thing I want is to put in a better air supply system.  Right now I am using small pumps and I do own a large (1/4 horse) blower which I want to get running.  I am hoping to have a ‘UNYKA’ work day the day before we hold a regular meeting at my place.

Anyway, I will add additional pics and more info as I get things going.

     Expect this list to grow soon!

Fp. gardneri Innedere
Fp. amieti
Epi. singa
(incoming)  A. gabunense gabunense
A. fellmanni
N. rubripinnis
N. eggersi


Xenotaca eiseni




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