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A valid registration is necessary to access many features of KillieNutz Online.  To become a full member of the website, you must be verified by either being personally known to the to KillieNutz or by sending an email to killienutz@killienutz.com .  I am sorry if this is a bit difficult, but it is necessary in order to protect KillieNutz Online from bots, hackers and other malicious problems.  

In the future we may be adding a ‘contributor level‘ but for now a valid registration provides full access to the website.  One of the intended features a contributor may receive is free copies of our planned killie magazine – ‘Killifish Journal‘.  This magazine will be published four times annually with articles about keeping killies and more.  ‘Killifish Journal‘ will be purchasable by a subscription also when it becomes active.

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