Oct 182020

As I work to get my fish room into tip-top shape, I’ve come to realize how much I miss keeping Nothos.  I’ve always been a major Notho fan from practically the first time I saw them during the 1975 AKA Convention on Long Island.  So now that I have a few tanks, I am beginning to think I need some Nothos.  Anyone want to ship me a pair or two, I’ll be glad to pay for them.

In other news, I did order a pair of Fp. amieti and expect them early this week.  I knew the moment I went into the basement I would have to fill every tank.  I am resisting the impulse to simply get everything I can, but its hard.  I am still quite limited in what I can do and I am not sure that will ever improve.

   Anyway, I have my brine shrimp egg hatchers up and running and am using some baby brine in my feedings.  I need to get to a fish store to pick up some frozen brine, but it is a 100 mile round trip and I need more than one reason (doctors appt, other shopping etc.) to do it.  I am a bit hesitant to order the frozen brine online, but I suppose that will be the end result.  My refrigerator in the fish room is frozen shut *laugh*  I can’t even open the door.  I guess I must risk a really wet floor and turn it off (unplug it) and clean it out.  I have no idea what I will find in there.  But I bet its been frozen for awhile.

Another thing I want to get going is white worms.  I suppose I can hit Aquabid for any starter cultures of live foods.  I will probably set up my daphnia bins again too.  *sigh* and grindal worms, vinegar eels etc.  Dang I am getting hooked again.

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