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Dec 232020

Last night, like every Tuesday night, members of UNYKA got together on ZOOM and had a great discussion about collecting natives, fish room work and a few other items.  It was a small meeting compared to most with only four of use in attendance, but we still had a great time.  Since the COVID pandemic, it has become our primary way of contact as a group.  We do welcome fish hobbyists from outside the club and you can always find the link listed on http://UNYKA.org . We start at 7:00PM, but the link is usually active around 6:30PM.

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Nov 272020

11/27/2020 – Just a reminder that UNYKA has planned a ZOOM meeting for Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 7:00PM. I will send out the info on connecting on the mail list. If anyone outside of UNYKA wished to join, contact me at tom@trgrady.com .

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Nov 182020

Nov. 18, 2020 – I am thrilled to be the speaker tonight at the Central New York Aquarium Society (CNYAS)  in Syracuse, NY.  Much as I would enjoy spending the evening with my friends there, unfortunately this has to be a ZOOM presentation.  Of course I am more than happy to do whatever I can to support the club.

   I will be talking about South American Annuals.  I have long been a fan of these beautiful killifish and I am now in the process of converting about half of my fish room to SA annuals – actually a much under-represented group of killies in the U.S. hobby.  These killies are absolutely beautiful and extremely variable in both behavior and appearance.

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Nov 082020

Not that I am newbie in all this, but the past few years have really limited my time in the fish room.  Thanks to a generous hobbyist (Barry Durst) who sent me some white worms, there was a packet of N. guentheri eggs in his package.  They were picked in June and normally I would only hold them for two months, these were ready to pop at 3 months.

So I placed them in water last night and this morning woke up to small hatch of N. guentheri fry!  Thankfully I use BBS for my adult fish as well as babies, so food-wise I was in good shape.  I added some Java moss to the container for microscopic foods and think I am off to a good start on getting some annuals going again.

It kind of reminds me that I want to work with South American annuals as much as Nothos.  I just need get hold of some eggs or pairs.  Sadly we are at the start of our winter season up here in northern NY, so I will have to be patient until I can get to a show or meeting (post-COVID) to buy/trade for much.  I am hesitant to use Aquabid much this time of year, but who knows … impatience can breed stupidity 😕 .

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Nov 072020

After some consideration, I have decided to try something new.

   Within the next couple of days, I intend to link all interesting news that comes my way via the web including Facebook posts, pictures and other website information.  In other words, I want to make Killienutz Online a central place to find out about all the latest about killies.

   While I may use some thumbnails to identify the stories, the link will take you directly to story/pics on their original locations.  I will only create a link title.

   To add to this, I am hoping some of our friends out there will send me the actual stories, collection information and pics. (to killienutz@killienutz.com

   It is my goal to make Killienutz Online one of the best places to find killifish information available.

Nov 062020

Wednesday evening UNYKA held its first ever ZOOM meeting and it was a great success!

While only six members attended, it was the first time in nearly a year we had the chance to get together somehow.  The meeting ran through the standard stuff like treasurer’s and secretary’s reports and then moved into a few minor pieces of business, but the majority of time was just chatting about our fish and fish rooms. Mike  Mike Echt set himself up in his fish room so we could see some of his tanks and he showed us a tank of Riv. speciosus he collected in Peru in February. Mike and Mike Lucas went together on the collecting trip.

Mike Lucas also had a very funny video of the group they were with crossing some river on foot.  After a warning about the dangers in the river (caimen, anacondas, etc.) they crossed in a single line when suddenly something moved and broke the surface of the water.  Since they were about halfway across they continued on. Suddenly, the last person in the line (a guide I think) splashed and disappeared.  The woman ahead of him looked back a couple times. I think everyone picked up the pace even more.  Of course it was a joke, but still gives one a moment of thought.  Thanks Mike!

We are planning another ZOOM meeting in December 1st and may just begin an open ZOOM room to gather in when ever we feel the need.  One thing that came out of the meeting is that everyone missed our regular get togethers and hope this COVID issue ends soon.

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Received a beautiful pair of Fp. amieti, quite large and in breeding condition yesterday.  I’m looking forward to getting them reproducing as soon as reasonable.  Right now feeding them with BBS and a couple frozen foods. I doubt there is much time left to order any fish before spring and the temps outside rise.  Its expected to hit the 20sF tonight and probably the next couple.  Too bad really.  Hopefully UNYKA can start to look at a face-to-face meeting sometime soon.  We are setting up a ZOOM meeting and Mike Echt is going to show us some pics of his […]

Building Species Areas

Building Species Areas

  As you may notice, the links to species groups has been moved to the left sidebar.  I am in the process of linking all of my data into the specific areas.  This will take a little time (actually a lot of time), but in the long run, when you click on a particular group, you will have a drop down menu which includes all of the known species.  Essentially, with two clicks (in some cases – three) you should be able see the specific species page you are seeking.    As I rebuild the website, you will be able […]



While some of my friends would probably hope it means I am working on my character flaws, I really mean I am making modifications to KillieNutz Online.    My goal is to make the system more streamline as well as easier to use.  I created a ton of pages over the years and most are still viable, but I want to make them easier to use for those who need information, both hobbyist as well as scientific.  On top of that I want to get back to the original goal of providing a current news and information site for our […]

Speaking Engagements

 I recently was asked to do a program on Live Foods for the Danbury Aquarium Society.  Originally we (my wife and I) planned to travel to Danbury, but unfortunately COVID put a kibosh on the trip.  Instead we tried to do a ZOOM meeting.     It went wonderfully!  I was able to attach my   Power Point program to ZOOM and do the same program I would have done live.  I was really impressed with how many DAS members showed up in the ZOOM room and how smoothly it all went.  Several members had really great questions and I hope I […]

Looking for Nothos

Looking for Nothos

As I work to get my fish room into tip-top shape, I’ve come to realize how much I miss keeping Nothos.  I’ve always been a major Notho fan from practically the first time I saw them during the 1975 AKA Convention on Long Island.  So now that I have a few tanks, I am beginning to think I need some Nothos.  Anyone want to ship me a pair or two, I’ll be glad to pay for them. In other news, I did order a pair of Fp. amieti and expect them early this week.  I knew the moment I went […]


10/16/2020 – I have spent some time this week getting my fish room back up and running.  I don’t plan on anything large, but unfortunately for me, despite my reservations, the room does have over 100 tanks in it.  My goal is to not overdue it, but goodness only knows how I get when I have the opportunity to buy some fish. Right now all I have is a young pair of Fp. gardeneri Innidere and a colony of Xenotaca eiseni, but I do plan to hit Aquabid one last time today and see what I can get. My health […]

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