Apr 292019

Phyllis and I had the pleasure of making it to this year’s CNYAS Spring Auction in Syracuse for the first time in several years.  They hold a great auction with hundreds of items every year at about this time.  I came home with several fish and one huge surprise pair.

I was shocked to find a young pair of N. capriviensis from an ‘unknown’ vender (yes I know his name)  from the Albany NY area.  Apparently, he has been existing right under the UNYKA noses all this time.  He provided several species of killies for the auction.  There was no way I wasn’t going home with those fish, but the price ended up quite reasonable.  They now sit in a 10-gallon tank in my basement.  They are a bit young to breed yet, but I am looking forward to having the species for some time into the future.  I’ve always loved N. capriviensis.

With this all in mind, I’ll update you on my fish room.  As you may know, I finally took a serious step in the right direction over the winter and have worked diligently to get the room up and running at a decent level.  Right now I have about 2 tanks fully up and running with most of them holding breeding pairs of killies and livebearers.  I do have a few nothos (guentheri, foerschi and kafuensis over peat and will be pulling the eggs next week.  My R. tenuis Taco Talpa and Epi. dageti Monroviae are producing eggs and the first fry should be hatching in a matter of hours or days.  BTW I am looking for a male R. crytocallus and a female R. derhami.  I just picked up some Epi. fasciatus Totome, and am expecting Epi. sp. (fasciolatus?) Akio and A. calliutum Ogun this week.

As for my livebearers, I have added some Moscow Purple guppies and a Red Delta Tail (from Dr. Dan’s) to my goodeids: X. eiseni and S. multipunctata.  I have a bunch of young X. eiseni and plenty of the Moscow purples.

See everyone at the AKA Convention.

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