Oct 232020

Received a beautiful pair of Fp. amieti, quite large and in breeding condition yesterday.  I’m looking forward to getting them reproducing as soon as reasonable.  Right now feeding them with BBS and a couple frozen foods.

I doubt there is much time left to order any fish before spring and the temps outside rise.  Its expected to hit the 20sF tonight and probably the next couple.  Too bad really.  Hopefully UNYKA can start to look at a face-to-face meeting sometime soon.  We are setting up a ZOOM meeting and Mike Echt is going to show us some pics of his trip with Mike Lucas to South America.  That should be amazing.

In Nov. I will talking (on Zoom I suspect) with the Central New York (Syracuse) Aquarium Society about South American Annuals.  This is one of my favorite topics and at some point soon, I plan to start breeding them again.  Not enough people in the U.S. work with SAA and they are among the most gorgeous of all the killies.  I do have to admit, I tend to personally prefer to play with Rivulus, but those are limited in availability.


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