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Nov 082020

Not that I am newbie in all this, but the past few years have really limited my time in the fish room.  Thanks to a generous hobbyist (Barry Durst) who sent me some white worms, there was a packet of N. guentheri eggs in his package.  They were picked in June and normally I would only hold them for two months, these were ready to pop at 3 months.

So I placed them in water last night and this morning woke up to small hatch of N. guentheri fry!  Thankfully I use BBS for my adult fish as well as babies, so food-wise I was in good shape.  I added some Java moss to the container for microscopic foods and think I am off to a good start on getting some annuals going again.

It kind of reminds me that I want to work with South American annuals as much as Nothos.  I just need get hold of some eggs or pairs.  Sadly we are at the start of our winter season up here in northern NY, so I will have to be patient until I can get to a show or meeting (post-COVID) to buy/trade for much.  I am hesitant to use Aquabid much this time of year, but who knows … impatience can breed stupidity 😕 .

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