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Mar 312020

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sitting in some sort of self-isolation – mainly because I live somewhere remote anyway.  Yes, I have left the house to shop for food, but not much else.  COVID has only hit our area in the past couple of days – a total of 8 infections.  Where we live, hopefully it will not become a major issue.  The strange thing about it, is I probably would not have done much more anyway. In some weird sort of way, I have become a bit of a hermit without making any conscious decision that way.  Of course, my wife is here too, but she gets out a little more than I.

We did spend a week or so in Florida in late Jan/early Feb. and had hoped to get together with some of our friends during that time, but somehow it just did not happen. Maybe next time or when we finally sell our house up here in the cold north and move to Florida.

The situation and at some minor urging of a friend or two, I have forced myself back into the fish room.  Sadly, my legs do not enjoy it at all – stairs and standing have become difficult to say the least. HOWEVER!  I was able to check my tanks and found a couple of thriving populations.  It’s nice when the fish can feed on algae.  I did start my BBS system and I do have plenty of frozen brine shrimp.

I dumped some overdue N. foerschi eggs in water yesterday, but have seen no fry today, so I expect they were just too far past the date to hatch.  I have some N. guentheri eggs in the same situation – over due, but who knows.  I’ll probably wet them tomorrow.  There are also a couple of tanks with peat still in bowls – I’ve actually found eggs in the past many months later. Perhaps I will luck out again.

In September, I’ve been asked to give a talk on Live Foods to a group in Danbury, Connecticut (DASS) and I am looking forward to it.  I was supposed to talk  a few days ago, but we postponed it because of the corona virus issues.  Essentially, this gives me time to get my live food cultures really going so I can provide the folks there plenty to play with.  I know I can find daphnia nearby as the water gets a bit warmer in the pools and at the same time I can nab some mosquito larvae.

I’ve bee chatting with Len Futterman the last few days and we are definitely waiting for a while to hold the next UNYKA meeting.  I am looking forward to seeing my killie friends soon.  With that thought in mind I am planning to do some collecting here in northern NY as soon as the weather is good for it.  There are a large number of interesting native species in both the St. Lawrence watershed as well as the Lake Champlain watershed.  Many are quite attractive and some might eve be unique to this area. So maybe I’ll get some decent pictures during my sampling (catch and release).  Hopefully a few of my friends (hint hint Mike and Scott) will join me.  I’ve become aware it is possible Fund. luciae might actually exist near Lake Champlain, ( a single report – might be a misidentified F. diaphanus?) so you know I have to look.

Yes I know its been a long time since I posted anything.  Hopefully this will be the re-start of my hobby and web presence.

Please take care of yourselves during this difficult time.



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