May 102021

MAY 10, 2021

   It took a while, but today I was able to activate the Aphyosemion database.  To be specific, I have all of the groups we recognize under Aphyosemion and listings of all the species in each group with links to their pages.  What I do not yet have is the pages complete.  I need to add data and photographs to each.  Still, you can at least get an idea of how the website will look soon.

May 092021

Hi all.  With Facebook taking down pretty much whatever PETA (my opinion) wants for various spurious reasons, I have decided to provide an alternate open discussion place where we can gather to talk about anything we want, sell killifish, and essentially have a place we cannot be bothered.

I have initiated the KILLIFISH COMMUNITY BISTRO on Discord – a chat room program that is free and very easy to use.  Over the next few days, I hope to integrate into KillieNutz Online so you will at least two options to gather in a single place.  Right now, just download ‘Discord’ and then search for “Killifish Community Bistro” –  We have two rooms right now – one for open chat discussions and the second for those who want to sell or buy fish and equipment.  Please enjoy.


May 042021

APRIL 9, 2021

   Completed the Rivulus Complex database with the latest information I can obtain.  Links to pages for every known species of ‘Rivulus’ are active, but I am working on populating those pages with hobbyist and taxonomic information and pictures.

APRIL 7, 2021

   I have been adding the base Genus Levels to the KillieNutz Species Database and am essentially on track to begin adding more specific information on Sub-Genus and specific species  If you look at Nothobranchius guentheri, you wee see an early concept with minimal information as an example.  I only have about 1,000 additions to include in the database.

APRIL 5, 2021

   Added the KillieNutz Chat Lounge to create a community chat space while the Facebook feeds appear to be deleted.

APRIL 4, 2021

   I have been working on a number of sections today.  I created the KillieNutz Species Database and have initiated all of the group/Species areas.   The next step on that will be to add information about each one on its own page (already active). Following that, I hope to start adding each species along with both hobbyist information and taxonomic data.  I will rely on several sources for that information.  I intend to use any photos I can obtain to illustrate each species.  Feel free to donate.

In the background of the website, I am trying to make navigation as simple and understandable as possible.  I am modifying font sizes and types to allow for more browser sizes to adapt and see.  I am trying to add some graphics to enhance each area of the site, but not overload it.

So much for today’s efforts.

Nov 082020

Not that I am newbie in all this, but the past few years have really limited my time in the fish room.  Thanks to a generous hobbyist (Barry Durst) who sent me some white worms, there was a packet of N. guentheri eggs in his package.  They were picked in June and normally I would only hold them for two months, these were ready to pop at 3 months.

So I placed them in water last night and this morning woke up to small hatch of N. guentheri fry!  Thankfully I use BBS for my adult fish as well as babies, so food-wise I was in good shape.  I added some Java moss to the container for microscopic foods and think I am off to a good start on getting some annuals going again.

It kind of reminds me that I want to work with South American annuals as much as Nothos.  I just need get hold of some eggs or pairs.  Sadly we are at the start of our winter season up here in northern NY, so I will have to be patient until I can get to a show or meeting (post-COVID) to buy/trade for much.  I am hesitant to use Aquabid much this time of year, but who knows … impatience can breed stupidity 😕 .

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Nov 072020

After some consideration, I have decided to try something new.

   Within the next couple of days, I intend to link all interesting news that comes my way via the web including Facebook posts, pictures and other website information.  In other words, I want to make Killienutz Online a central place to find out about all the latest about killies.

   While I may use some thumbnails to identify the stories, the link will take you directly to story/pics on their original locations.  I will only create a link title.

   To add to this, I am hoping some of our friends out there will send me the actual stories, collection information and pics. (to

   It is my goal to make Killienutz Online one of the best places to find killifish information available.

Nov 062020

Wednesday evening UNYKA held its first ever ZOOM meeting and it was a great success!

While only six members attended, it was the first time in nearly a year we had the chance to get together somehow.  The meeting ran through the standard stuff like treasurer’s and secretary’s reports and then moved into a few minor pieces of business, but the majority of time was just chatting about our fish and fish rooms. Mike  Mike Echt set himself up in his fish room so we could see some of his tanks and he showed us a tank of Riv. speciosus he collected in Peru in February. Mike and Mike Lucas went together on the collecting trip.

Mike Lucas also had a very funny video of the group they were with crossing some river on foot.  After a warning about the dangers in the river (caimen, anacondas, etc.) they crossed in a single line when suddenly something moved and broke the surface of the water.  Since they were about halfway across they continued on. Suddenly, the last person in the line (a guide I think) splashed and disappeared.  The woman ahead of him looked back a couple times. I think everyone picked up the pace even more.  Of course it was a joke, but still gives one a moment of thought.  Thanks Mike!

We are planning another ZOOM meeting in December 1st and may just begin an open ZOOM room to gather in when ever we feel the need.  One thing that came out of the meeting is that everyone missed our regular get togethers and hope this COVID issue ends soon.

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Oct 212020


As you may notice, the links to species groups has been moved to the left sidebar.  I am in the process of linking all of my data into the specific areas.  This will take a little time (actually a lot of time), but in the long run, when you click on a particular group, you will have a drop down menu which includes all of the known species.  Essentially, with two clicks (in some cases – three) you should be able see the specific species page you are seeking.

   As I rebuild the website, you will be able to use the ‘search’ box to enter any species and be taken directly to that page.  The intent is to make it as easy as possible to find whatever information you are seeking.

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Oct 202020

While some of my friends would probably hope it means I am working on my character flaws, I really mean I am making modifications to KillieNutz Online.

   My goal is to make the system more streamline as well as easier to use.  I created a ton of pages over the years and most are still viable, but I want to make them easier to use for those who need information, both hobbyist as well as scientific.  On top of that I want to get back to the original goal of providing a current news and information site for our favorite killies.  At one time in the past KNO was the #1 place to go for killifish news.  I would like to get back to that.

   As for my blog section, I will talk about pretty much anything … from different fish I keep to goodness only knows what is bothering/exciting me that day.  The blog will have its own section and you will be able to see headlines on thee ‘front page’ that link to the opinions I express.

   I am also in the process of adding all the new species that have been described and/or collected as fast as possible.  I intend to contact some of the photographers around the world to gain permission to use their pictures on KNO.  Hopefully they will be open to the concept.  I also hope to get collectors to send my updates on their latest travels and successes.

  Bear with me as I get all this up and running the way it should.  

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Jul 032018

I have been staring at KillieNutz Online for some time now and wondering what I could/should do to make it an active site that people make a regular stop on their internet travels.  At one time several years ago, KillieNutz was a very active website.  Now it is rarely visited.

I came to the realization, the best way to do this is to ask.  So what would excite you enough to visit KillieNutz regularly?  Please let me know either here as a comment or send me and email at .

Some things I am implementing starting today include:

AKA/Killie Clubs News (including international groups. (I could sure use some help with people sending me what is going on anywhere.)
Daily checks on new species/name changes.
An ongoing review of available killies in the hobby.
Regular updates to all species of killifish. (This takes time to prepare and put online.)
Forums that are active (That is up to you – join KillieNutz and post away)

Please make suggestions as to what I can do to make KillieNutz the one place you want to check out regularly.

I will appreciate any assistance.

Jun 012017

I have begun to update the Killienutz Online “Killifish’ Database.  Most of the known species of Nothobranchius are in place with individual pages.  These pages are not complete, but will be filled in over time.  The ultimate goal is to create a system with both hobbyist and taxonomic information about every species along with photos of as many as possible.

As for the photographic end, I would greatly appreciate any and all submissions of pictures with the knowledge that these photos will be used in future volumes of the Encyclopedia of Killifish.  Unfortunately I did not start taking photos 30 or so years ago so my personal collection is quite limited.

Simply send them to and include a statement of permission.

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