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Cubanichthys Hubbs, 1926.

Hubbs, C. L. 1926. Studies of the fishes of the Order Cyprinodontes. VI. Miscellaneous Publications, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan (16): 86 pp., 4 plates. [description: p. 4]

Type species: Fundulus cubensis Eigenmann, 1903, by original designation, monotypic.

CubanichthysHubbs, 1926: Myers, 1931; Parenti, 1981; Meyer & Lydeard, 1993; Costa, 1997, 1998f; Parker, 1997.


Chriopeoides Fowler, 1939.

Fowler, H. W. 1939b. Notes on fishes from Jamaica with descriptions of three new species. Notulae Naturae (35): 16 pp., figs. [description: p. 4]

Type species: Chriopeoides pengelleyi Fowler, 1939, by original designation.

ChriopeoidesFowler, 1939b: Parenti, 1981 [as a synonym of Cubanichthys].