May 022021

Those who follow me on Facebook know of my recent travails so I will not go into everything here.  What I want to do instead is let you know some of the thoughts and decisions I have come to as I lie in that damned hospital bed for 18 days.

Since I am limited for a little more time, I am going to focus my time on working on the KillieNutz online website and try to bring it up to date.  I want to make it into the best website possible and one most hobbyists use on a regular basis for a number of reasons. As most of my friends know, I am an annual fan, both African as well as South American, but the truth is, I like all killies and some other fish too.  So you can expect me to start with annuals as I build the database.

Secondarily, I need to fix my fish room again.  I have a few killies and goodeids there currently, but I want to get back to a serious breeding program of a number of fish.  That will take some time with all my leg issues, but I am going to do it.  There was a time where I was not a bad killie hobbyist.  I miss those days.

Now the weather is getting decent, I am sure I will be headed to Aquabid soon as I am able to use the stairs as well as asking people what they might have available to buy.  But I intend to take that slowly and teach my wife or someone how to take care of the fish when I am down.  Getting older is not fun.

I don’t know when I will be able to collect killies again. With the open ulceration on my leg and no idea when it will be resolved, I certainly can’t go into the water for fear of all sorts of little critters.

Anyway, just to close out this bit of news, I will be working on getting the website running decently, holding Tuesday ZOOM meetings and doing whatever else I can.

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