Nov 202021

   I will be heading out around noon today to bring a few fish and some other things to the UNYKA Fish Swap being held in Schenectady, NY tomorrow.  I will be joining a few other members and staying at a Quality Inn near the swap site.  You can find the swap meet full info on the UNYKA Facebook page.

   I do not have a lot to offer this year, but as the year progresses I should be able to do more for shows and conventions.  I am taking a pair of Epi. singa and a pair of Fp. gardneri Innidere with me and most likely some Xen. eiseni and a new mollie color variation I came across recently.   Also some giant Vallisneria.  I am not sure what I might like to pick up, but I suspect I will come home with more than I left with.  I finally have the room *laugh*. 

   The best part of these shows, swaps … whatever … is the chance to socialize with my friends in the hobby.  At least a few of us plan to get together for dinner and probably some drinks back at the hotel. 

   Maybe I’ll see you there. 

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