KillieNutz Online began in the late 1980s as a computer bulletin board operated on initially a Commodore 64 and later an Amiga.  It was a section of The Boondocks – a popular BBS with several areas of interest.  In the 1990s, when Internet access became available in the local region, it was the first killifish website.  Historically it has been operating in one form or another for over 50 years.

   Today, KillieNutz Online is undergoing a massive revival both in content as well as presentation.  The goal is to become the best News, Information and Killifish database available.  As the editors work on the site, it is their intention to produce a page for every species with both hobbyist as well as scientific information. 


  • News & Updates: News is probably the single-most important feature of KillieNutz Online.  We intend to cover every aspect of the Killifish hobby possible.  Visitors can expect daily updates about the latest descriptions, information about upcoming shows and club meetings and anything of interest we can locate.  We are seeking people interested in being ‘Killie Journalists” from around the world.
  • Killifish Database:  It is the intention of KillieNutz Online to include individual pages for every species of Killifish.  We are seeking photos of all species to be included on the individual pages.
  • PhotoGallery: KillieNutz Online Gallery will be focused on Conventions, Shows, Fish Rooms and Meetings of all sorts.
  • KillieNutz Forums: A place for an open exchange of experiences.  Membership to the website is necessary to post.  All posts are moderated and inappropriate material will be deleted and the authors access limited.
  • Online Library:  This will be a combination of excerpts from T.R. Grady’s Encyclopedia of Killifish, articles from Aquarium and Killifish Club magazines and original submissions from individuals about the care, breeding and more.. 



  • It is the intent of KillieNutz online to provide a complete database of all known killifish along with hobbyist information and photographs for identification purposes.
  • While I prefer to use my own pictures as much as possible, I am a limited photographer.
  • Currently, our policy is that we first use approved pictures by the original photographer.  We will always give full credit to that individual.
  • However, there simply pictures available of a huge number of species.  KillieNutz’s alternative option is to link to pictures found on the web.  We attempt to give full credit to the original author or placing that location (website, etc.) Bing/Google search provided.
  • Authors who do not wish their work be linked or used on KillieNutz Online should contact and that work will be removed without question. 


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