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KillieNutz Online is really a combination of Tom Grady and the website.

   Tom has been a part of the killifish hobby since 1975 when he attended his first American Killisifish Association convention on Long Island, but actually became hooked on tropical fish in the mid-1960s as a teen.  He actually was intrigued by killies by a picture in Innes Encyclopedia of Tropical Fish of ‘Aphyosemion sjoestedti’ which was actually Callopanchax occidentalis.  In the 60s, to Tom, that picture looked like a psychedelic fish and he had to have it.  In 1974 he found an ad for the AKA in a magazine and joined.  His first act was to buy that species and after it arrived he was greatly disappointed to find he received a pair of Blue Gularis.  Despite his disappointment, since the AKA Convention was on Long Island that year, he decided to attend and that was the beginning of his addiction of 40+ years.

   When computers became part of the world in the early 1990s, Tom created a bulletin board where callers could log into the original KillieNutz.  While it was a very early attempt to provide killifish hobbyists a connection through their computers, it was reasonably popular.  When the Internet became available, Tom transitioned to a web-based site and it has been around since then in various forms.

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