Sep 212015

Now Available on Amazon and many other places.

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The Killifish Encyclopedia Basic Care & Breeding is the first in a series of reference guides about Killifish. Volume I covers all the basics on how to maintain, breed and care for these beautiful small tropical fish.

112 full color pages
over 100 photos


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Sep 142015

If you are planning on coming to UNYKA’s annual killie festival, then you need to make your plans for this weekend – Sep. 18th-20th.  Rooms at the Albany Airport Best Western are still available, simply call 1-518-458-1000 and tell them you are coming for the Killifish Weekend.  If you are not planning to attend, then you should reconsider your choice!

We received over 20 pairs of European Killifish just for the auction and many more from around the country.  Not to mention we are allowing all types of fish to be sold this year – from Cichlids to Livebearers and everything in between.  We have a shipment of live plants from Florida for sale and a large table of live food starter cultures.  Come spend your money freely, we are more than happy to help you do just that.

Our speakers include Richard Pierce, Michael Lucas, Tony Pinto and Tom Grady.  Saturday includes table sales and the awards banquet.  Only a few pots remain for the banquet.  Friday night – the UNYKA Social beer fest starts around 7pm.  No there are no beer pong chances.

It’s the only killie show on the east coast – come – enjoy!

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Jul 302015


The Killifish Cyclopedia

is scheduled for release in October 2015. The first volume covers the care and breeding of killifish and is designed the beginning and intermediate hobbyist, but advanced fish keepers will find plenty information, hints and tips of value. There are over 100 photos and line drawings.

Future volumes will explore each and every group of killifish, specific information on water requirements, individual care and how to breed each species. Populations will be discussed under each and much more. As many photos as possible of each species will be included.

The expected price for each volume will be about $25US.

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Jun 262015

  In an article published in the latest issue of Copeia – a magazine published on BioOne Online Journals, Michael L. Collyer, Megan E. Hall, Melissa D. Smith, and Christopher W. Hoagstrom have discussed the current condition of Cyprinodon pecoensis.

 The authors noted the introduction of Cyp. variegatus into the habitat in the 1980s hybridized and eliminated ‘true Cyp. pecoensis from much of its range. Currently the pupfish is now found in a few isolated locations. The paper was primarily concerned with the genetic concerns of the species. It was noted the few populations did not indicate if the gene pool was in trouble, but instead seemed to determine the local populations were genetically stable without physical difficulties.

The abstract can be found in the March 2015 issue of BioOne Copiea 

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Jun 262015

Vertebrate Zoology 65 (2) 2015
Dr. Wilson J.E.M. Costa has described a new Melanorivulus species from the Lower Xingu River drainage in the Amazon Basin.  Melanorivulus rubroreticulatus is only found at the type location and is part of the M. zygonectes group. It is considered the southern-most member of the group. Another species of Melanorivulus is found in the same river system, but to the north – M.  megaroni, but is separated based on certain coloration differences in the caudal fin and the size and number of bars in the caudal base area.

The PDF is available at: VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY

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Jun 232015

   A website has been set up discussing Profundulus oaxacae with the intention of supporting this rare species. Along with considerable information on this species, there is also reference to a possible unknown species of a killifish. According to the article, there are only two localities where this species can be found and one is in danger of extinction via pollution. You can access the website at

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Jun 232015

The Journal of Experimental Biology  In the latest issue of  The Journal of Experimental Biology, Jason E. Podrabsky,* and Steven C. Hand have released a study about diapause that  compared brine shrimp and Austrolebias limnaeus. Their conclusions are quite interesting.   The PDF is open to the public and can be found here.

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Jun 192015

   After who knows how many years of avoiding the reality of my photography skills, the use of cheap cameras and even my smart phone to take pictures I finally broke down and opened my penny pinching wallet to buy a Nikon 3300 and all the necessary lens and accessories to start taking decent photos of my killies (and a wide variety of other things).

   Many years ago, too many to want to acknowledge, I tried to emulate a number of the great photographers in our hobby, in particular Tony Terceira. In the 1970s I often spent time with him on the road to New England Killifish Association meetings and traveled to AKA National conventions. I could say he was my photography mentor. His skills and abilities to take the best pictures of killies is near legendary and I believe most of today’s photographers owe some small amount of their success to Tony’s teachings over the years.

   Back in those days I used an old Pentax camera and used slide film. I still have that camera, but have not used it in 15 or more years. At some point I bought my first digital camera, but it was primarily for vacation pics, not quality photography. Strangely it didn’t do a bad job on some basic killie shots which can be found on this website right now. But it is not the camera necessary to take photos the way I want. I never expect to compete with guys like Tony, Rich Pierce or Hristo Hristov, but I would like to take some decent pictures to use on the website as well as in my upcoming book on killifish. I just can’t steal photos off the web or afford to pay a photographer to do the work.

   So this week, after consulting with Tony about what I need, I ordered the Nikon 3300. I intend to add a 105 mm macro lens and a decent flash. It all should be here in a couple of days and then I will head down to the fish room, camera in hand and begin the task of documenting the many species now residing there. I built a photo tank a couple of years ago and am considering what I want to use to create a background environment. I would like to be a little different in style from other photographers and I do have an idea or two on how to accomplish that. It will be interesting to see what works.

Anyway, I suspect visitors to the website will start seeing my efforts over the next few weeks in both photos and videos. I’m not sure if I should apologize in advance or not, but such is life.

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