Nov 062020

Wednesday evening UNYKA held its first ever ZOOM meeting and it was a great success!

While only six members attended, it was the first time in nearly a year we had the chance to get together somehow.  The meeting ran through the standard stuff like treasurer’s and secretary’s reports and then moved into a few minor pieces of business, but the majority of time was just chatting about our fish and fish rooms. Mike  Mike Echt set himself up in his fish room so we could see some of his tanks and he showed us a tank of Riv. speciosus he collected in Peru in February. Mike and Mike Lucas went together on the collecting trip.

Mike Lucas also had a very funny video of the group they were with crossing some river on foot.  After a warning about the dangers in the river (caimen, anacondas, etc.) they crossed in a single line when suddenly something moved and broke the surface of the water.  Since they were about halfway across they continued on. Suddenly, the last person in the line (a guide I think) splashed and disappeared.  The woman ahead of him looked back a couple times. I think everyone picked up the pace even more.  Of course it was a joke, but still gives one a moment of thought.  Thanks Mike!

We are planning another ZOOM meeting in December 1st and may just begin an open ZOOM room to gather in when ever we feel the need.  One thing that came out of the meeting is that everyone missed our regular get togethers and hope this COVID issue ends soon.

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