Jun 052021

  Thanks to a couple of friends, I am now aware of the location of the 2022 AKA National Convention – Louisville, KY.  

   My first thought was – ‘Hey I have never been there!”  My second one was what I understand is going to happen.  As I understand this, it will be a joint convention held in conjunction with ACA and ALA.  WOW!  What a great weekend that could be.  After all, I keep some Goodeids and every now and then think about certain Cichlids … just need to prepare for whatever comes home with me.  But I have plenty of time to get ready.

I mentioned this to my wife and her comment was simply “I have never been there” and the stare told me, she was planning to go with me *laugh*. So much for an “ol’ boys” weekend.  That’s not to say there will not be a few beers tipped back and some relaxed discussions with old and new friends.

I can imagine what types of collecting trips will be available – Natives and Killies.  That’s a good thing so long as I am back to full leg health.

I expect a couple of my UNYKA friends will join me either in the car for the trip, or possibly meet me there – so that makes it so much better.

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